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Welcome to Milford IBC

Milford IBC, a division of the Milford Group of companies is a leading design and manufacturing company supplying intermediate bulk containers and specialised logistics products. With decades of experience, Milford IBC has been at the forefront of design and development of IBCs and associated products. Supplying to the world’s manufacturers, transporters and pooling companies, Milford IBC does not just provide a product, it provides all the resources to capture the needs of the customer, and convert it into a smart, efficient, logistics reality.

"Stacking business in your favour” is not just a catchy phrase - it sums up what Milford IBC can deliver when you incorporate an IBC into your organisation. Efficiencies from return cycle transportation, reduced storage costs, container and truck maximisation and eliminating rental expenditure are all areas where the purchase of a Milford IBC product can directly impact on your bottom line.


Our Vision

Milford IBC aims to provide globally competitive services for the development, manufacture and delivery of reusable transport containers, and folding or rolling bulk storage containers.

The Milford IBC Value Proposition

Milford IBC strives to deliver a customer centred whole of business approach which adds value at all stages of the customer/supplier relationship. Milford IBC aims to focus on optimised logistics equipment solutions, which will allow the customer to maximise efficiencies and focus on their core business.