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About Milford IBC

Our Vision

Milford IBC aims to provide globally competitive services for the development, manufacture and delivery of reusable transport containers, and folding or rolling bulk storage containers.

The Milford IBC Value Proposition

Milford IBC strives to deliver a “customer centred whole of business” approach which adds value at all stages of the customer/supplier relationship. Milford aims to focus on optimised logistics equipment solutions, which will allow the customer to maximise efficiencies and focus on their core business.

Milford Group Companies

Milford IBC is an Australian based design and manufacturing company which operates as part of the Milford group of companies. Milford commenced operations in 1968 in South Australia and has been operating continuously since this time.
The Milford Group of companies operates significant Australian manufacturing operations, and more recently has established manufacturing relationships with low-cost offshore manufacturing companies in South East Asia and Oceania.

Over more than four decades Milford Group companies have operated in the design and manufacture of many products including:

The following companies are also part of the Milford group: 

Milford Industries.
20 Fitzroy Avenue 
South Australia 5038

Hall Towbars
478 Main North Road 
South Australia 5084