UniCage 1212


External dimensions :1170 x 1170 x 1141 mm46.1 x 46.1 x 44.9 inch
Internal dimensions :1115 x 1120 x 910 mm43.9 x 44.1 x 36 inch
Folded height :367 mm14.4 inch
Fluid capacity :N/AN/A
Volume capacity :1.14 m340.3 ft3
Tare weight :93 kg205 lb
SWL :1000 kg2204 lb
Folding ratio :3:13:1
Static stacking erect :44
Static stacking folded :1414
Dynamic stacking erect :22
Dynamic stacking folded :77
Transportation 20 GP Sea container erect :1616
Transportation 20 GP Sea container folded :5050
Transportation 40 GP Sea container erect :4040
Transportation 40 GP Sea container folded :120120
Transportation 40 HC Sea container erect :4040
Transportation 40 HC Sea container folded :140140
Test standard :
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Foldable container with two removable bi-fold gates

For almost two decades Milford has built a folding wire mesh container for the largest postal operator in Australia.

There are now many tens of thousands of these containers in use all around Australia, and they continue to provide a highly cost effective solution for mail and parcel handling and storage.

The UniCage 1212 is based on this postal container concept, and incorporates many of the best features of the postal container. There is easy entry from all four sides for fork trucks or hand operated pallet jacks.

The UniCage 1212 features a tube steel pallet base with two pivoting gates and two removable half folding gates. Once removed, the UniCage 1212 provides easy access for the operator who needs to easily and safely load or unload the container.

  • Rigid steel chassis
  • Patented interlocking spigots
  • Zinc-plated folding gates
  • Hot dipped galvanised base with 4 way entry
  • Inter-stackable when full
  • Half folding gates
  • Folds to a ratio of 1:3 to maximise space for transportation